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German Christmas culture is steeped in tradition, and decorations play an important role. Decorating your home with German Christmas decorations helps you create wonderful holiday ambience. Nutcrackers Most people have heard of the famous Nutcracker ballet, but few know the history behind the piece. The Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum reports that the current wooden solider design originated around near the Sonneber and Erzebirge regions of Germany. In , Wilhelm Fuchtner, considered the “father of the nutcracker”, created the first commercial nutcracker. Today, many are still produced in Germany. Erzgebirge-Palace offers nutcrackers from several German craftspeople and manufacturers. Nutcrackers are an Erzgebirge folk-art staple; each nutcracker is percent handmade in Germany. ChristKindl-Markt sells traditional German nutcrackers. Santas, a variety of soldiers, and a German fireman are available.

Cuckoo Clocks and Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

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Cologne, Germany – Koblenz Arrive in Cologne for a guided morning walking tour through the old part of the city and a visit to the fabled 13th-century Gothic cathedral.

Dating from around the /s and made in Germany, this clock has an elegant design about it and holds the original Haller pendulum. It has a classical dial and I just think the detail is fantastic.

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Dating Antique Clocks Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock. Dating Antique Clocks can be an exact science providing you have the right reference books and the proper experience. Like knowing when certain features were introduced or certain materials became available. A few simple things that can point you in the right direction and at the correct period for your antique wall clock, advertising clock or bracket clock.

The construction of various parts can and will help in dating your antique clock. Specifically the style and type of clock hand and the dial, both of which have varied over time.

Cuckoo Clocks

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Antique Clocks Antique clocks and their origins; clockmakers and production periods. Antique Clocks hold a fascination for the mechanically minded, in both the intricacies and the superb engineering produced without the help of computerised production methods. The simple alarm clock owes its existence to more than 6, years of thinking about time and tinkering with devices to accurately mark its passing. A general knowledge of time division was relevant to the earliest of farmers Farmers sectioned quadrants of time into broad periods of seasons for planting, growing and harvesting.

In those days however, the actual hour of any particular day was not important.

French honeymoon cuckoo My parents bought a cuckoo on their honeymoon in the ‘s but I suspect that the clock was a bit older as it states made in Germany and more recent versions My Grandmothers Clock I believe its a Sessions Carolotta – its in very good condition but I .

Clock Lore Clock Lore from Der Uhrmacher American clock movements have undergone many innovations over these passed generations. These innovations took the form of unusual repairs by local tinkers. It’s not uncommon to examine an antique American clock movement and find a piece of bailing wire plugged into a worn pivot hole. Glue took the place of solder when piecing together broken levers and solder was used to fuse anything that didn’t look right to the beholder.

An old timer brought in his American clock boasting that it was running for 25 years without missing a tick. He never had it cleaned or oiled and couldn’t understand why it stopped.

A little birdie from Switzerland

Especially in the Northern Black Forest are a number of other, smaller tarns. Numerous reservoirs like the — formerly natural but much smaller — Schluchsee with the other lakes of the Schluchseewerk , the Schwarzenbach Reservoir , the Kleine Kinzig Reservoir or the Nagold Reservoir are used for electricity generation , flood protection or drinking water supply. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Topography of the Black Forest The Black Forest consists of a cover of sandstone on top of a core of gneiss and granites.

In addition to selling authentic, handcrafted German clocks, Frankenmuth Clock Company specializes in clock repairs while providing a wide variety of clock parts to help you restore an older cuckoo clock, or perhaps make upgrades to a newer model clock.

As the road leaves the city of Freiburg and starts to wind into the countryside, the woodland starts to become much denser with patches of mist that drift eerily beneath the canopy of evergreen trees. The forest floor is covered in a bright green carpet of moss, creating a fairy-tale scene that takes you back to your childhood and right into the pages of any one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. But there is something else that brings us here and that is its rich horological history.

It was an activity started by farmers in the winter months to supplement their income. By , the clocks had evolved to feature painted porcelain dials and were named shield clocks. Records from the time note that more than 1, home workshops were registered in the region, with 5, clockmakers and a production of around , wooden clocks per year. Black Forest clocks were among the most competitively priced on the market and quickly gained international recognition. Some believe that the idea for the cuckoo clock came from clockmakers Joseph Ganter and Joseph Kammerer, who met a Bohemian clockmaker with a cuckoo clock on their travels in the s.

Legend has it that it turned out to be way too complicated, so he settled on the simpler cuckoo sound. Regardless of who invented the cuckoo clock, one thing is clear: The workshop dates back to the foundation of the company with the original floorboards and workbenches which add to the charm of this magical place. The company buys its clock movements — a one-day movement, an eight-day version and a musical movement with three pendulum weights — from an outside supplier and concentrates on the designs of each clock, which range from the traditional to the highly contemporary.

Antique Clocks

American Furniture Many vintage furniture buyers opt for quality reproductions that are more affordable, and either option is fine providing that you research your subject well when identifying antique furniture. There is no exact science where antique furniture is concerned; you simply make an educated decision based on what is most important to you.

Researching and Identifying Antique Furniture Becoming knowledgeable about antique furniture takes research, even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject. Many collectors prefer particular eras, styles, and makers, while others have more eclectic tastes. Get an expert opinion: A trained eye is more likely to find an undervalued treasure or a clever fake than a novice ever would.

A German cuckoo clock dating from the s. The wood clock has a pair of carved figures flanking the clock face, with dancing couples above. A small door opens for the cuckoo to emerge.

Shipping charges may apply The Cuckoo Clock: Here, severe winter snows in a harsh climate prevented most agricultural work. The farmers traditionally spent the wintertime with carving and creating household things or toys and other wooden objects. It is hard to say who made the first blackforest clock, but the origins surely date back to the 17th century.

The first clocks were rather rustic objects, entirely made of wood, and thus available for most people. During the 18th century every family wanted to have their own clock, or even more than one, and the boom of the clock industry began. The blackforest woodworkers were very skillful and creative and always looking for new ways to improve their meagre incomes. Very soon the black forest clocks were known for their stability and accuracy.

Furthermore, blackforest clockmakers could use large trade routes already used by the local glass industry, to spread their clocks not only in Germany. The Cuckoo-Palace online shop also stocks a comprehensive collection of traditional and contemporary Black Forest timepieces for those seeking to buy an original gift of lasting value — and can arrange shipping and delivery worldwide for each and every cart item.

At first each movement was fashioned entirely from wood — but clocks with more endurable and accurate metal movements soon appeared, and remain part of the standard specification down to the present day.

Dating black forest clocks

Cuckoo-Palace Cuckoo clocks through the ages The cuckoo clock is the epitome of the Black Forest clock. There is also disagreement about when and where the first clock was built with the cuckoo mechanism. It can be presumed that a mechanism by means of which a cuckoo figurine produced its unmistakable sound via a small organ pipe and bellows was first developed parallel in other units with figurines.

It is certain that already in a clock with a cuckoo sound could be found in the collection of Elector August of Sachsen. Sources also convince us that starting in at the latest the mechanism had become generally known, and the idea of using the cuckoo’s sound as the acoustic signal in wall clocks quickly enjoyed growing popularity. It is certain that the Black Forest cuckoo clock pioneers helped this form of clock achieve its ultimate breakthrough and international fame today.

The first Black Forest Cuckoo Clock was designed and made by Franz Anton Ketterer in the small village of Schönwald near Triberg, Germany, in the depths of the Black Forest. Ketterer managed to reproduce the cuckoo’s call by the clever use of bellows producing two different sounds.

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The oak case has similarities to the Model 16 Beha, with its well carved Gothic arches. This also has an enclosed gothic fencing around the base. It is the pediment of this antique clock that lends it its elegance, with its ogee section gable end, mounted with delicate fleur de lys carvings. This clock pre-dates the Beha catalogue which we see published in various books, and so we do not know Beha’s model number. These tooth stop wheels were used by Beha after , and from , tooth wheels were adopted.

We can therefore date this clock between the those years.

Dating Antique Clocks Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock. Dating Antique Clocks can be an exact science providing you have the .

Clocks on this page are not for sale. Clock, movement, and stamp. Note the countwheel strike has a slot for hours and half-hours. A total of three different embossed patterns were offered as part of the Camden series. All were 8-day in oak cases with alarms as an extra cost option. The New Haven Clock Company traces its roots back to the first brass clocks and was founded in as a result of the business failures of Chauncey Jerome. Clock uses a single-ended 6 key. New Haven Black Mantle clock, circa This is a very nice original condition clock also made by New Haven Clock Co, and thus bears some similarities to the clock pictured above.

However, like most mantle clocks, this one features regulation from the front, and short pendulum mounted to the back of the movement. An additional interesting feature of this clock is a fiber fly pinion in the strike train to make it more quite.

How does one date antique cuckoo clocks

We specialize in the acquisition, sale and restoration of these rare musical treasures. This extremely rare Singing bird clock was recently acquired from Germany and is just magnificent. The singing bird clocks are the hardest to find, and the most desirable of the 4 variations of musical clocks made by Wehrle… The trumpeter, Flute, Singing Bird and Rooster. This is the only heavily carved shelf example known. All other known shelf examples are in architectural cases.

Age-old Germanic craftsmanship is used to create this traditional battery-operated cuckoo clock. A deep brown finish highlights the traditional leaf and bird details of this piece. Crafted in the time honored Old World style, this piece is carved of high-quality hardwoods.

Consider the overall shape of the clock first of all. The chalet style — in which the clock looks like a little house with a steeply pitched roof — was introduced in the s. If your clock has a more boxlike appearance, then it might date to before that time. Look next at the pendulum. Late 19th and 20th century clocks often have multiple long pendulums swinging beneath them; on earlier examples, the pendulum was short and suspended in front of the dial.

Open up the back of the clock and look at the movement. Clockmakers made the mechanical parts of the earliest cuckoo clocks almost entirely of wood.

Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks – made in Germany