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During the superstar’s Grammys performance with her husband, Jay Z , she mouthed along to his guest verse, drawing attention to one particular lyric that has never quite sat right: At its height, Ike commands Tina — born Anna Mae Bullock — to eat the cake he’d ordered in a diner, before Bassett ends up tussling with Lawrence, and with cake smeared across her face. There was a degree of criticism from blogs and the mainstream media around the time of the album’s release, although much of the dust from that seemed to have settled up until Sunday night’s Grammy performance. On a record that critics lauded as Beyonce’s most feminist to date, and one she proudly dubs her most honest so far, it’s strange to see two major stars shoehorn a domestic violence reference into a track that otherwise celebrates love and all the glory of marital hook-ups. So far, not many in the mainstream media have. From the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones to Sydette Harry for Salon , the general response in December was “this sounds weird, but we don’t know why so we’ll just leave it”. For Frere-Jones it was enough to say:

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Unfair, questionable, disreputable, dubious. To con, treat unfairly. To copulate, to have sex. Less coarse than ‘fuck’. To wear out, to break.

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He’s a decent enough young kid who leaves his parent’s homestead and strikes out for the big city of Dallas where his uncle Barry Corbin has promised to find him work in the petrochemical industry. In that was beginning to boom and Texas was definitely a growing place in the USA. Travolta does a good job in making we the audience care about his character who when you come right down to it is a sexist pig. He meets and marries Debra Winger who’s from the same background, but she’s got some ideas that women should not be shadows of their men.

And when she beats him at Gilley’s mechanical bull, a man’s game, that’s it for him. Scott Glenn who’s an ex-convict is working at Gilley’s and this film was his breakout role. He’s a real snake in Urban Cowboy, he gets Travolta’s goat with a mere look and he moves in on Winger. Travolta in turn takes up with rich girl, Madolyn Smith Osborne who’s slumming at Gilley’s.

Despite the characters, Urban Cowboy was really one gigantic commercial for the self-styled biggest honky tonk in the world. Gilley’s is no longer there in the suburban Texas community of Pasadena, but the memories do live on. I’m not sure if some of the songs were not written specifically for Urban Cowboy, but it’s the only reason I can think of why the Motion Picture Academy ignored the musical aspects of this film.

Teen Drug Slang: A Dictionary For Parents

Now, when cancelling a service, I fully expect someone from a company to try and keep the customer, to see what it is they can do to make them happy, that’s to be expected and what I would consider good customer retention. I don’t fault any company that would at least make a couple attempts to see if there’s some way to resolve the issue without cancellation. However, I spent 30 minutes simply repeating, “Please, just cancel my account” and another 15 minutes being put on hold while he attempted to find some sort of deal to make me happy.

I wasn’t even cancelling because I was unhappy with the service, I just found a better deal somewhere else that they would not be able to match. I honestly tried my best to keep from being another angry customer on the line, but after being asked repeatedly about what phone I bought, what service I’m with, why I’m wanting to switch, who I switched to and constantly being told how awesome Bell is in comparison I was absolutely livid.

Oct 05,  · “Pop Rocks and Coke killed Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials” was the urban legend that cost Pop Rocks millions of dollars in lost s.

Here are the stories behind gestures you might use every day, and some you might not. The Vulcan Salute We all know it, even if we can’t all do it. Spock on the original Star Trek, has become a cultural icon recognized even by those who have never been to a sci-fi convention. And while the gesture is meant to be from another planet, its inspiration is anything but alien. It’s made by splitting the hand down the middle—holding the index and middle fingers together, the ring and pinky fingers together—and then the thumb pressed firmly against the side of the hand.

The Orthodox priest giving the blessing holds both hands out in front of him in these strange configurations, palms down.

Urban Enemies by Joseph Nassise

Helen Lyle is a University of Illinois graduate student who sets out to write a thesis about local legends and myths. She learns about a local urban legend, Candyman, who appears after calling his name five times in front of a mirror and uses his hook to split his victims from “groin to gullet. During her evolution, her skepticism turns to fear when after summoning Candyman; a series of murders and a visit from Candyman himself cause her life to spiral out of control.

As a result, Candyman grew up attending the best schools and later became a well-known artist.

In a rebound is known to hook up. Rebound in the nos of people are on the relationship. Ned wallish, according to define what a rebound girl. Use good guy goes into a rebound relationship just broke up rebound bro: awe cool, sciences, and general literature thomas spencer baynes.

Mustard on the beat, ho [Hook: Am] I be everywhere everybody know me Super, super fresh with a dope styling Hunny on my wrist, couple karats on my neck Givenchy keep the chicks in check All these car keys drive them chicks to my crib Dru Hill? French Montana] I be everywhere, everybody know me Catch me in the club hundred bottles on me I get busy like a one line In the drop getting head baby never mind We gettin’ money why you playing with it Pool in the crib you could land a water plane in it Slick Rick looking at the mirror Big Daddy Kane bitch like Shakira 1.

Am] And I don’t give a fuck that’s my whole M. O I rock the whole globe with no problemo Been rocking coats since my first demo And now I’m banging hoes in the Continental And I done seen me slidin’ out my dope ride I open up the doors, suicide I came from the bottom, the sewer side I made it to the top cus I do it fly Feelin’ fuckin’ lucky like the fuckin’ Irish I see the whole game From my third iris I tour the whole word like a dirty pirate To give the whole club some Miley Cyrus [Verse 3: Miley Cyrus] Now everybod trippin’ like they poppin’ molly Up in the club, is where you’ll find me I do it real big never do it tiny If you about that bullshit please don’t remind me I step in this motherfucker just to make it work I get on the floor just to make that booty twerk Shake, shake that shit like a, like an expert Shake, shake that shit like a, like an expert [Verse 4:


To establish one’s business operations. Originally set meant"to cause someone to sit” and"to cause something to be in a certain position,” so that it is now in most cases a transitive verb: She sets the book on the table.

Dating world! As you have probably (and sadly) noticed, we here at Proxee have been less than active on our dating site. This is due to dating success, and we feel that we are now out-of-touch with the most happenin’ topics in the dating scene.

Is your teen robotripping on CCC? How would you know if you don’t even know what that means? But the more they understand what these things mean, the more they will be able to monitor kids’ behavior,” says Gregory Pollock, a psychotherapist specializing in addiction at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio. That’s why WebMD went directly to the experts on the front lines of teen drug abuse to get a better handle on the today’s teenage drug slang.

Here’s what you need to know about teens and drugs today: This is a drug contained in over-the-counter cough suppressants. After milligrams, it becomes a hallucinogen. Users of DXM Dexing: Synonyms include robotripping or robodosing because users tend to chug Robitussin or another cough syrup to get high. A medication used as an anesthetic in humans and animals, ketamine is sometimes abused as a"club drug.

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Tweet on Twitter There is a mantra within the hallowed halls of prepper knowledge, lore and opinion that goes something like this. This idea of the survival retreat has been around for years and it is actually a lifestyle I aspire to for myself and my family. I dream of a fortified home in the woods, streams rolling through my mountain location, solar arrays, livestock in fences, wild game aplenty and wood burning stove goodness all around me.

There is one major problem with this mantra though and that is the prospect of moving everything we have and living in a cabin in the woods is nearly impossible for the large majority of us. If you accept the argument that the hinter boonies are your best chance of survival, then the flip-side of the mantra and conventional wisdom is that everyone living in or near the cities will die.

Apology Text To Your Boyfriend ★[ APOLOGY TEXT TO YOUR BOYFRIEND ]★ Does He Just Want To Hook Up Quiz ★ Apology Text To Your Boyfriend ★★ Get your Ex Boyfriend Ex Husband or Ex Girlfriend or Ex wife back using text y Text To Your Boyfriend We were painting the educational center that day, a considerable group of high students from our church youth group .

I had an ace time at Jeff’s party! I ran into a wall today, and felt like an ace. Said in a very excited moment, when there is just nothing else to say. From poker, where the best hand is five aces. That gorgeous babe over there just asked me for your phone number. To eat foreign food. Let’s achecanantooch all night! The pain you feel in your eyes after looking at a screen for ages. Acheye is really setting in now; but, boy, is this screen entertaining. Used when a conversation is boring, to stir excitement or some type of response, using follow by something like Oh, all the silence is making me sneeze.

Oh, Bless me, I’m allergic to silence. A varation of the word actually; a poor pronunciation of actually, often caused by speaking too fast. I achuwie am getting too excited.

SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud: There be pirates here!

Comments Late in , a song from a virtually unknown year-old rapper from Harlem knocked the Internet on its ass. There is no male equivalent to this word. The latter word refers exclusively to the birth canal, while the former includes the clitoris as well. Is this the beginning of a brave new cunt-positive era in pop music? And before long, the term started cropping up in English literature.

Synonyms for surprise at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for surprise.

The right accent, inflection, and tone add trust, brand awareness, and persuasive power to any animated explainer video. Explainer Videos are Mobile Now. Gone are the days of clicking on a link at your desk only to be blasted with a video autoplaying at full volume as you frantically search for the open tab. Luckily, animation is a fantastic way to captivate viewers even with a single word.

Perfect for Silent Autoplay and Mobile Video An explainer video animated or live action has one goal—to engage viewers. Mobile viewers are fickle—with short attention spans—so one of the biggest strength of animation is the instant appeal of cartoons. People just plain like animation. Once engagement happens, conversion is close behind. Whether that means downloading the app, signing up for the conference, clicking a link, or buying a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner, the goal of explainer videos is the same— to engage viewers and inspire action.

Animation increases engagement and conversion even in the new silent era of online video. But they took their video marketing a step further by removing the voiceover entirely. The clean shots of artists, craftsmen, and creators at work is inspiring, and uniform imagery that unifies this video — despite the chaos of interwoven scenes — becomes the primary storytelling element. Yes, you do hear a male announcer in the last three seconds you stickler , but this is a wonderful example of how committing to a simple style can be all the story-telling element you need.

Let the product shine.

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Sketch by Paul Heaston Meet the Correspondent: I don’t feel comfortable when I leave home without a sketchbook and some pens in my bag. I think that my way to put things in my memory is to draw them. And taking pictures isn’t the same thing.

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of off the hook is. The slang word / phrase / acronym off the hook means . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations.

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board Tool of the devil, harmless family game—or fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind? The idea was that two or more people would sit around the board, place their finger tips on the planchette, pose a question, and watch, dumbfounded, as the planchette moved from letter to letter, spelling out the answers seemingly of its own accord. The biggest difference is in the materials; the board is now usually cardboard, rather than wood, and the planchette is plastic.

Ouija historian Robert Murch has been researching the story of the board since ; when he started his research, he says, no one really knew anything about its origins, which struck him as odd: Aided by the stories about the celebrity sisters and other spiritualists in the new national press, spiritualism reached millions of adherents at its peak in the second half of the 19th century.

Spiritualism worked for Americans: Women died in childbirth; children died of disease; and men died in war. The Ouija Board was marketed as both mystical oracle and as family entertainment, fun with an element of other-worldly excitement. Robert Murch This patent file from the United States Patent Office shows that the office required the board to be tested before a patent would be granted.

Calling out the alphabet and waiting for a knock at the right letter, for example, was deeply boring. People were desperate for methods of communication that would be quicker—and while several entrepreneurs realized that, it was the Kennard Novelty Company that really nailed it.

Huggin’ Money Keem – I Got Da Hook Up (Prod By, Kellvicious)