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We have a Tyre Fitment Centre in Johannesburg were we can do all vehicle balancing services and tyre fitments. We also import the following tyre brands for passenger vehicles: We have a Retreading plant if you would like to purchase recycled tyres. Consumers enjoying the full range of Dunlop products and services that our excellent reputation and track record has built on in the tyre manufacturing industry. Manufacturer of technical and rubber goods, Dunlop South Africa recently reached a milestone when its Howick Automotive Plant received the Ford Q1 Preferred supplier Award, making the fifty year old company one of only 72 South African automotive. The company has been awarded: Continental Tyre SA achieved notable success through Continental in the original equipment market — particularly in the high performance passenger tyre categories. With an overwhelming dominance of production car racing in South Africa, Continental became highly visible as a leading performance tyre — and three leading motor manufacturers chose Continental tyres to establish nearly every South African speed and endurance record over the past 6 years. The Bridgestone Group has established at its core a management goal, management stance and fundamental management philosophy.

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Reuters Buying tires is a big and costly deal, especially if you like to change all four tires at the same time. Being the bargain hunter I am see my track record here , I set out with steely determination in my eyes to do my research and get the detailed price breakdown to find out who wins the price war when it comes to cost versus what you get.

Anecdotal accounts of family and friends reveal two big-box stores with a strong reputation for low prices — Costco and Walmart. Before driving to the nearest Costco and Walmart for a price quote, I did research to narrow down and select the exact tire I wanted to avoid the chaos of juggling multiple factors. I called up my trusty dad who is a pro bargain hunter especially when it comes to cars and home improvement , and found out that he recommends Michelin.

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Michelin: an industrial saga in the heart of the Auvergne

Here is how to decode what the DOT date information on a tire means. Locate the DOT number. On the sidewall of the tire, locate a number that starts with DOT.

* The information gathered on this site is collected and processed by AD Tyres in line with its processing responsibilities. The symbol (*) indicates that the information .

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Michelin closes Scottish plant with workers

It has been in the industry for many years dating back to Since its inception, Yokohama has focused on producing quality and high-performance tyres. Now it is among the leading companies that produces high-performance and durable tyres.

Jul 03,  · The date your tyres were made will be on the sidewall in the form of four numbers usually preceded by the letters DOT. These numbers represent the .

Shoudn’t there be an expiry date if rubber ages and cracks as stated in these studies? Tire aging is basically an issue of oxidation. As rubber is exposed to oxygen it dries out and becomes stiffer, leading to cracking. There are essentially four major factors that determine how fast a tire will age: The inner liner of any tire is a specialized butyl rubber compound that is designed to be impermeable to air so as to keep the air inside the tire where it belongs.

No inner liner is completely impermeable, so some air will always leak slowly through the liner due to osmosis.

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Tire Manufacture Date Related Categories: And finally, hold on to your sales receipt. Most tire manufacturer’s warranties cover their tires for four years from the date of purchase or five years from the week the tires were manufactured. So if you purchase new tires that were manufactured… Related Products:

For further information, please contact Michelin at MICHELIN NORTH AMERICA, INC., Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

How to Read Your Tyres.. Ever wondered what the markings on the side of a tyre mean? This is the section width of the tyre. This is the aspect ratio of the tyre. This mean the tyre is of Radial construction. This is the internal diameter of the tyre. This is the load index. How much weight the tyre can carry. This is the speed index. This indicates the maximum speed that the tyre can sustain for a ten minute endurance without coming to pieces and destroying itself, Speed ratings vary from “L” 75mph to “Y” mph As well as all that, you might also find the following embossed in the rubber tyre marking: The temperature rating – an indicator of how well the tyre withstands heat buildup.

The traction rating – an indicator of how well the tyre is capable of stopping on wet pavement.

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Michelin closes Scottish plant with workers 5th November , 0 comments French tyre manufacturer Michelin announced plans Monday to close a Scottish manufacturing plant with employees due to growing competition from cheeper products in Asia. Michelin said the Dundee factory — opened in and now exclusively manufacturing inch and smaller tyres for cars — would close in mid It cited lower demand for the plant’s premium tyres and stiffer competition from “low-cost, entry-level products from Asia”.

The announcement came with various global companies reassessing the merits of keeping their UK manufacturing sites open after Britain leaves the European Union in March.

Michelin and the “Michelin man” (known affectionately as Bibendum in France) is far more than just a brand of tyres. For the French people and above all for those in the Auvergne, Michelin is .

Available in 64 tyre sizes – View all. While I was satisfied with the performance in general, I was disappointed by two things – it is very noisy and wear is far below average. Anyway, I would be possibly satisfied with it still, but cannot be while knowing what the amazing ContiWinterContact TS can do. As this might be an issue in the given tyre size it works much better on my wife’s car with smaller size , for next winter I will buy Continental in a heartbeat.

Please help millions of other drivers make an informed tyre choice and pick the correct tyres for their car by submitting your review of the SP Winter Sport 3D. I drove in Norway, Sweden low temperatures was perfect. I’ll buy them again.

Motorcycle Tires Age and How to Determine

Email Some of the biggest tire retailers in the U. Research and tests show that as tires age, they begin to dry out and become potentially dangerous, leading to calls for a six-year age limit for tires from Ford Motor Co. Unlike most consumers, we knew how to read the industry’s convoluted date code, which reveals the week and year when a tire was made.

I have a matching set of tyres are legal, some are better than others though. /75×16 RUNWAY ENDURO A/T.£50 ono. Ian you may have to leave a message We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our site.

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Marco Pierre White bans Michelin’s star inspectors from his new restaurant Online

Some tires have a P or LT in front of the tire width, identifying them for passenger or light truck use. Aspect Ratio And Radial Construction The aspect ratio is the dimensional relationship of the section height to the section width. Tires with an “R” indicate radial tire construction.

The new book, published by the Michelin tyres and guides company today, claims to recommend “ of the best dining pubs in Britain and Ireland, from cutting-edge gastropubs and historic town.

The LM version claimed the lap record for the fastest road-legal car in the world with a time of 6: Manufacturers publish times for promotional purposes while automotive media outlets usually publish times for comparison and reporting purposes. The entire track, the Gesamtstrecke see map above was The lengths of the two segments, when considered separately, add up to more than the whole, since each circuit effectively shared the Betonschleife. The road legality rule also applies for the tyres.

British motorcycle magazine Performance Bikes began testing their bikes in a regular feature at the Nordschleife in March and finished in December Bikes were tested by Dale Lomas and a character named only as The Baron. To date there are 28 lap times published in the regular feature.

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Beaten only by the Michelin in the dry handling tests, the Vredestein is a fine ultra high performance tyre. It backed up its second-fastest lap around the dry handling circuit with a fourth-fastest lap on the wet handling track, too.

For the French people and above all for those in the Auvergne, Michelin is a constant source of pride. The success story of a multinational widely appreciated by a whole region for more than a century now. Bibendum The Michelin company is the world leader for tyres and is well-known all around the world. This company, which began by manufacturing rubber balls, has been the source of numerous inventions and smart ideas which are now all part of our day-to-day lives including removable tyres for bicycles , roadmaps the radial tyre and tourist guides.

It has produced a wealth of products related to cars and to the pleasures of driving. In France, “Michelin” has also become famous for its restaurant guide, considered as a gastronomic reference, which includes its famous star rating system. The holy grail for any master chef is to obtain the maximum score of three stars. If these are difficult to obtain, they are even more difficult to hold onto from year to year. This red guide book now covers a number of European countries. Michelin and Clermont-Ferrand Life in the Auvergne’s capital is closely tied to the life of the company, which has employed up to 30, people here.

As for the test ramps which can best be described as 30 m 98 ft high slides used to test tyres , these can still be seen today. Among its collections you will find examples of all of Michelin’s products since , including an electric car dating from or aircraft from the First World War, etc. You can discover the various stages involved in tyre production and learn more about the history of the company’s famous mascot, Bidendum, the “Michelin man”.

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