Images click on images for a larger version: The combined ablation sequence and background image are saved as a Geostar. The main disadvantage is the lower resolution of the images – but this will continue to improve with planned hardware upgrades to the microscope objectives and digital camera head. Three views of a detrtial zircon sample are shown below transmiited light, reflected light, and cold-cathode true colour CL. Winter – Synthesis of glass reference standards using high-T flux-free fusion We have begun experimenting with the creation of matrix-matched glasses using powdered minerals as starting materials. For example, several large grains of titanite from an Otter Lake skarn sample, which have been demonstrated to be chemically and isotopically heterogeneous, were powdered in an agate mortar and fused on our in-house glassy-carbon strip heater.

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Rutile, ilmenite, leucoxene an alteration product of ilmenite are used predominantly in the production of titanium dioxide TiO2 pigment. Zircon is used as an opacifier for glazes on ceramic tiles, in refractories and for the foundry industry. Recently there has been renewed interest in monazite as a source of thorium for possible use to generate electricity in thorium nuclear reactors. EDR of rutile, which includes some leucoxene in WA, increased by

Transparent = A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions; Translucent = Allowing agate and coral are dyed to produce an even color. The art of dying agate is believed to be an ancient one, dating back to the Romans. Agate dying was revived by the Germans early in the.

Precise and accurate U? LA-ICPMS dating of these U-bearing accessory phases typically requires a matrix-matched standard, and data reduction is often complicated by variable incorporation of common Pb not only into the unknowns but particularly into the reference material. We present here a general approach to common Pb correction in U? Common Pb correction of the age standard can be undertaken using either the Pb, Pb or Pb no Th methods, and the approach can be applied to raw data files from all widely used modern multi-collector and single-collector ICPMS instruments.

U-Pb fractionation curves to the time-resolved U-Pb standard data. This downhole fractionation model is applied to the unknowns and sample-standard bracketing using a user-specified interpolation method is used to calculate final isotopic ratios and ages. All other conventional common Pb correction methods e.

The secondary Durango The suitability of the Pb no Th -correction is demonstrated by the agreement between a U-Pb TW concordia intercept age of These apatites host 13C-depleted graphite inclusions that are interpreted as biogenic in origin and representing the oldest indications of life on Earth. The U-Pb age profiles on single apatite grains presented here are characteristic of Pb loss by volume diffusion with core-rim age differences of up to Ma.

These data explain the scatter and poor precision of earlier U-Pb apatite age determinations on Akilia apatite.


Demantoid Garnet Demantoid is a rare and valuable andradite garnet. It exhibits a range of greens from dull to bright emerald green and on rare occasions displays yellow. On the Mohs scale of hardness, demantoid is relatively soft at 6. It has an adamantine luster. Density The ratio of a gemstone when compared to the weight of an equal volume of water. This means how heavy a gemstone is compared to the same volume of water.

RADIOACTIVE DATING Bridgett, Kennedy RARE EARTHS Early, Lundberg REMOTE SENSING Jacobberger, Leff, Luo, Niebur, Strebeck RESISTIVITY Algermissen, Jacobson, Kays, Meidav RHEOLOGY Meidav RIVER DES PERES Crosby RIVERS Beckham, Foweraker, Frederickson, Marcus ROBERTS VICTOR KIMBERLITE Early RUTILE Draper.

Despite its diminutive size, it became one of the leading gem-cutting centers of the world, with a history of mining and lapidary dating back hundreds of years. Positioned on the banks of the Nahe river, the two neighboring villages of Idar and Oberstein are at the center of a region where agate was hand mined for thousands of years. As early as the late s, mechanized mining operations to extract agate, jasper and quartz created employment for gem cutters and stone carvers who flocked to the region.

The river was the main energy source used to power the lapidary machines which were directly connected to water wheels. Using these machines was somewhat awkward as the stone-cutters of the time were forced to carry out most of their work whilst lying on their stomachs. Some of these water powered wheels can still be seen in some of the town’s historic buildings. In the s the agate deposits along the Nahe River began to be depleted, but by that time gem cutting was the mainstay of its inhabitants.

To stay in business, they began to import rough stones from Brazil, where discoveries of amethyst , citrine , tourmaline , topaz and other gemstone materials had been made. Carved Agate Bowl from Idar-Oberstein By the end of the nineteenth century, gems from around the world were being shipped to Idar-Oberstein for cutting by its famous artisans, and there were literally hundreds of cutting houses in the town and surrounding villages.

However this very fame led to the end of the industry’s heyday – wages in the area became too high to warrant cutting less valuable stones and many gem-cutters were forced to emigrate to Brazil. However, many of the artisans and their families remained to continue the tradition through the generations, and today Idar-Oberstein is still famous for some of the finest agate carving in the world.

The cutters still import a large variety of other gemstones from around the world for cutting and carving, and master cameo carvers and modern lapidary artists alike still flourish, as do the dealers who import rough stones from gem markets around the world. Berndt Munsteiner , known as the father of the fantasy cut, is a third-generation cutter who says he was never asked whether he wanted to be a cutter or not, but simply fulfilled his parents’ expectations by training in traditional lapidary techniques with his father Viktor.

He went on to become a pioneering artist using the techniques he learned at his father’s side to produce remarkable designs that are anything but traditional.


The petrology and low-temperature geochemistry of the sulfide-bearing Maficultramafic units of the Acoje massif, Zambales Ophiolite, Philippines: Characterization of Mineral and Fluid Equilibria. Albert, Richard Alan An elastoviscoplastic finite element model of lithospheric deformation. Alexopoulos, Jim Steven Large ringed impact craters and basins on Venus: Resistivity measurements over Flint Clay deposits.

The lab also is engaged in an array of method development studies that have involved analyses of phases not conventionally dated by (U-Th)/He, including conodonts, perovskite, baddeleyite, monazite, garnet, and rutile.

Advanced Search Abstract The Daixian rutile deposit is located in the Hengshan Mountains in the Trans-North China Orogen; it is considered to be one of the largest rutile deposits in China, with 6 million metric tons Mt of contained titanium. Most of the rutile ores are hosted in garnet-free anthophyllite gneiss with minor Mg hornblende, feldspar, quartz, phlogopite, rutile, zircon, and titanite. Rutile grains are euhedral, 0. Rutiles are compositionally homogeneous and contain no detectable mineral inclusions except local ilmenite lamellae and zircon.

Variations in Nb versus Cr in rutiles indicate a connection of the ores to mafic protolith; not a pelitic rock derived from aluminous sedimentary rocks. This unique garnet-free rutile deposit was metamorphosed from mafic rocks in amphibolite facies during the Paleoproterozoic or Archean, being distinct from any other metamorphic rutile deposits, such as the known eclogite-related types. GeoRef Subject You do not currently have access to this article.

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Rapid Pb–Pb dating of natural rutile crystals by laser ablation multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-MC-ICPMS) is investigated as a tool for constraining geological temperature–time histories.

The Rocks Know We are now almost halfway through November. Rutile is one of those funky minerals that is both useful and pretty, but it is usually at its best when paired with another stone or product. Rutile is one of the natural forms that titanium dioxide TiO2 takes. Sierra Leone has one of the largest deposits of rutile in the world, and it is one of their largest exports. Titanium Dioxide Image Credit: According to the BBC article, a thin coating of the stuff can interact with UV light, creating free radicals that disrupt common air pollutants like Nitrous Oxide.

The Australian government conducted a review of the scientific literature PDF in , and found that those fears were unfounded. Those are the useful uses of rutile, but it has another, more glamorous side as well. This might seem counterintuitive, as people typically want their gemstones to be clear. Rutile is the exception to that rule. When included in rubies or sapphires, rutile can form beautiful star-like images under the surface, shining through the red or blue.

Gems that have a star have to be cut into a cabochon instead of faceted — this means that instead of the typical clear, angular cuts favored for precious gems like diamonds, a gem with a star will be polished to have a smooth round top, like a dome, otherwise the star-like effect is lost entirely. Star Sapphire Image Credit: Lestatdelc via Wikimedia Rutile also frequently shows up in quartz specimens, creating rutilated quartz.


In mineral form, titanium dioxide is often deeply coloured due to elemental impurities. Ground mineral rutile found some use as a colored pigment, but difficulties in grinding result in coarse particles with a different morphology than that of synthetic material. Naturally occurring anatase and brookite are not used for pigment manufacture.

Both anatase and rutile have been synthesized since the early 20th century for use as white pigments, generally using processes based on either sulfuric acid or chlorine. The pigments are used in applications including: They are nontoxic and can be used in foods and pharmaceuticals; their ultraviolet absorption properties have led to applications in sunscreen and lotions.

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See Article History Rutile, the most abundant of three naturally occurring forms of titanium dioxide TiO2; see also anatase ; brookite. It forms red to reddish brown, hard, brilliant metallic, slender crystals, often completely surrounded by other minerals. Rutile is a commercially important titanium mineral, although most titanium dioxide is produced from ilmenite.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Add co-authors Co-authors. Thermal history of UHT sapphirine granuilites from Zr-in-rutile thermometry and U-Pb dating, Gruf Complex. J .

We are conducting a preliminary investigation with the ultimate aim of measuring U-Pb ages and Hf isotopic compositions of individual rutile grains in-situ. Little previous work has been done on hafnium isotopes in rutile, but Choukroun et al. This large range is intriguing and suggests that an investigation into the controls on hafnium isotope ratios in rutile, and the effects of metamorphism thereupon, may be rewarding.

Initial results emphasise the suitability of rutile for the proposed study. Back Scattered Electron BSE imaging of 34 rutile-bearing samples from a wide variety of geological settings has shown that rutile is usually very simple structurally – compositional zoning occurs only rarely, and preservation of multiple generations of rutile growth has not been observed Fig 1.

However, needles of exolved ilmenite within rutile crystals are a common feature Fig 1 , and must be avoided during in-situ analysis. The simple structure and chemistry of rutile are favourable for the study of U-Pb and Hf isotopes in rutile.

Mine Cristal, mining quartz crystals